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Here are some recent articles not included in my book:

Can We Accurately Test Twice-Exceptional Children?

Giftedness, Defiance, and Misdiagnosis: Musings by a Mother and Therapist

Time and Differently Wired Learners: More Musings by a Mother and a Therapist

Teacher, Please Understand My Deep Thinker

Teaching Gratitude

Many thanks to Soy Superdotado in Argentina for translating this one into Spanish:

When It’s All Too Much, Go Outside

Online Schools for Gifted/2e Students in the SF Bay Area: School Closure Edition

More full articles can be found in my book, My Differently Tuned-In Child: The Right Place for Strength-Based Solutions. It includes chapters about:

– visual-spatial learners, (including my own experience, from a girl’s perspective, of being highly visual-spatial and highly sensitive,)
– executive functioning,
– differently wired boys,
– misdiagnosis…. and more.

You can also click on the “Differently Wired Musings” button on my website for my latest, more casual (but still informative, I think) blog articles about being and raising non-neurotypical humans.

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Feb.1, 2018.  Parent.Co is now

How I Struggled In School As a Visual-Spatial Learner.

Is Your Child Struggling in School? They Could Be Visual-Spatial Learner Filter Free Parents. (I put way too much information in this one, but it is highly informative if you have a VS child, or are VS yourself.)

Could Your Struggling Kid Actually Be a Visual-Spatial Learner? Parent.Co.

Why The “Gifted” Label Gets a Bad Rap and Why That’s Important for Your Child Parent.Co. (Published on this site as Why It Is Vital To Know If Your Child Is Gifted.)

What Else Could It Be Besides ADHD? Parent.Co.

The Best Way to Tell the Difference Between Sensory Issues and Other Childhood Disorders Parent.Co

The Other Side of Being Gifted. Parent.Co.

Boredom in Motherhood: the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

6 Signs Your Preschooler May be Gifted and Why It’s Important to Know Filter Free Parents