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I am a guide and a check-in point person for parents who have exceptional children. By this, I mean children who are out-of-the-box in any way. If any of my articles resonate with you, it’s likely you have one of these kiddos. Welcome to the club. It’s not easy, but as you know, these kids are special and amazing, and if you take the special path that each unique child requires, you may find life a little easier for everyone. I hope to make it as easy, time-efficient, heart-centered, and as accurate as I can. I’ve been through it, and continue to find my way. Let me help you find yours.


Does it ever feel like other parents seem to have easier kids?

Have you changed schools at least 2 times in the past few years, or has your child refused to go to school?

Does your child seem smart but doesn’t test well?

Do your child’s teachers think she belongs in Special Ed, but that doesn’t feel quite right?

Does your child seem wise beyond his years? (But has problems with “easy” tasks such as brushing his teeth or tying his shoes?)

Does your child have problems engaging with same-age peers, or is she being bullied?

Have you found a “life” for your child (educational fit, friends, needs are being met), but are not quite sure how to get yourself or the family back in balance?


If you have answered “yes,” to some of the above questions, I’m here to help.

I offer coaching and consulting for parents by phone. Video conferencing is also available.

Together, we work to get to the bottom of what’s really going on with your child.

Sometimes a client prefers to have weekly sessions for a bit. Usually people check-in on an as-needed basis.

I also offer coaching for adults in understanding how your giftedness might be affecting your creativity and personal growth.

I charge $125 per hour. I am available Mon. through Thurs. between 9 and 3 PST.

Other hours available upon request.

Call or email to set up an appointment.

TeresaCurrivan@gmail.com    (925)478-7966.

For more information, read my articles on visual-spatial learnersgiftedness, sensory issues, and twice-exceptionality.

You can also visit my facebook page at:  fb.me/TeresaCurrivanCoaching

I look forward to talking with you.


I am proud to be a contributing writer at Parent.Co, which is now Mother.ly, a blogger at Gifted Homeschoolers Forum, as well as other publications.


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