Time and Differently Wired Learners: More Musings by a Mother and a Therapist

“Running out of time,” you say? 

“Time management.” 

“Take your time.” 

So many of their struggles are about time.

When to begin my writing. (I often start automatic writing when I write, a creative process that helps to get the creative juices going….) When to jump in. Where, on this page is the time I chose a few minutes ago, or hours, or days ago, to begin this piece? My time now is not your time now. 

So time is a place. 

Now and then. My page then. Your device now.

Time is a trip when you really think about it. How can time also be a place on this page, afterall? 

Children love to focus – to stay focused on an idea or project, for a long, long time. 

They have to learn time from us as they grow. They can often think outside the colloquial idea of time.

And then we become adults who would rather not focus – or we forget how. (We have too much to do!) Then we learn mindfulness practices to learn how to get that back – how to be in the moment again. 

So much about growth as an adult is remembering what used to come naturally as a child. 

Be present
Be more loving
Be in the moment
Love Yourself

We were born with all of that. 

At the same time – to be real and practical… our children need to learn to get by in this world. 

Time — you have to be on time. 
On the clock…
the more you enter this world… 
the more your creative and other-worldly self (the “soul self,”)
integrates into this human self – 
That is what we are learning when we are young, isn’t it? 

I know, for some of you, I’m stating the obvious – but here’s the thing: 

It would probably make teaching and parenting a lot simpler if we could not undo the otherworldly/creative part while we’re teaching the grown-up/human part. 

Yes, that is what I would like to articulate today. (Which will be another day for you, dear reader.) I’ve been having this thought bubble up over time – and until now, at this point in time – I didn’t have the words. 

I’ll find more words to explain – in other ways, on another day – at another time, but for now, this is it. 

If one believes this concept – I think we can make school (and growing up) more interesting. 

All other explanations come from this. 

We knew all along, but need help being here
Articulating what we know
Measuring what already exists
And then we’ll keep creating and learning from there. 
All of us. 

All in due time.

©2021 Teresa Currivan