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Monthly Parent Support Group | Second Tuesday of each Month

You are not alone. Come meet other parents and caregivers of differently wired children, teens and adults. There will be time to share your story and to hear how others are managing this amazing and challenging life path. Each evening will end with a bit of psycho-education in topics relevant to the group. There will be guest speakers on specific months. (TBA)

This is a great chance to meet other parents and caregivers of gifted, 2e and differently tuned-in children. This is your community.

2022 Parent Support Group Dates
Support Groups are on the second Tuesday evening of each month as follows:

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 ~ 2022 ~
Tuesday, January 11, 7 PM PT by Zoom 
Tuesday, February 8, 7 PM PT by Zoom 
Tuesday, March 8, 7 PM PT by Zoom
Tuesday, April 12, 7 PM PT by Zoom
Tuesday, May 10, 7 PM PT by Zoom
Tuesday, June 14, 7 PM PT by Zoom

I look forward to seeing you!


The Currivan Protocol™ Assessment Tool for Schools

The Currivan Protocol™ Assessment tool has been designed to work within your school. Ask Teresa about how your school can benefit from using her unique assessment tool. Trainings are offered year-round. 

The Currivan Protocol™ Assessment It is a comprehensive assessment and treatment plan that identifies what can be treated, accepts challenges, and embraces strengths. It identifies specific learning preferences (such as a visual-spatial learning style, often seen in children of non-dominant cultures,) ADHD, and specific variants of giftedness to name a few. 

Teresa designs and trains your school administrator on how to implement the protocol. Rates and packages vary on the needs of each school and school system. 


Ask Teresa about coming to your parent group, book club, or school to talk about twice-exceptionality. (Available by Zoom and in-person.)