What to Do About School This Fall: Differently Tuned-In Learners and Their Needs

Please join my November Parent Support Group, where parents will share and discuss the schooling options they have chosen for their differently wired learners so far.

This group will be casual and conversational. 

When: Thursday, Nov. 12, 7 PM Pacific Time for one hour
Where: Zoom Video Call

Use the contact form at to bottom of this page to register. I look forward to seeing you then!  

Purchase the Recorded Links to the Following Zoominars Here

In each 1/2 hour zoominar, you will learn how differently tuned-in learners have different educational needs and what some of those options are for your child.

Week 1: Alternative Educational Options for Differently Wired Learners and Why They Need Them | Traits of Differently Tuned-In Learners (Thursday, July 8, noon PT)

Week 2: Traditional Schools and How to Make Them Work for Your Differently Tuned-In Child | Things you can do when your child needs to stay at a traditional school (Thursday, July 15, noon PT)

Week 3: 3 Tips for Finding the Appropriate Educational Fit for Your Differently Tuned-In Learner: Alternative Schools (Thursday, July 22, noon PT)

Week 4: Homeschooling Techniques for Your Differently Tuned-In Child | Homeschooling Hacks such as strewing, scaffolding, and more! (Thursday, July 29, noon PT)


All available in the recorded form. Purchase the Zoominar and the recorded link will be sent to you!

MY DIFFERENTLY TUNED-IN CHILD’S EDUCATION, 20 Minute Zoominar Recordings (Choose one or all four upon check-out)

Why Educational Fit Matters For Gifted/2e/Differently Tuned-In Learners and an overview of options. Some examples from the field and how this applies to your child. 1/2 hour Zoominar. At the prompt, please enter your email, and any questions you may have. (If you pay for less than 4, please note which topics you would like to purchase.) The link will be sent to your email! Topics/Weeks: 1)Traits 2)How to make Traditional school work, 3) Finding the right alternative school, 4) Homeschool Hacks. Dates: Thursdays, July 9, 16, 23, 30 at NOON.



September Zoominar Series | Supporting Your Relationship | Thursdays 7 pm PT

Thursday evenings at 7 pm for 1/2 hour. Thursday, Sept. 10, 17, 24, Oct. 1. Parents of differently wired children need special care. Learn how to navigate this sometimes very challenging terrain. This is a four-part series that builds on each one. If you miss one, you will be sent the recording. Please enter your email in the address for Zoominar link and password.



Differently Wired Parent Support
Relationship Support Zoominar September 2020
My Differently Tuned-In Child, by Teresa Currivan, LMFT

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