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At last… you can relax—You have found the right place for your differently tuned-in child. Let us figure it out for you and support you. We are here to help.  

Have you brought your child to various specialists and you are more confused than ever? We are here to help.

Addressing what needs to be addressed, embracing strengths, and accepting challenges.

Using the Currivan Protocol™ we offer full service, from assessment to treatment, to help with integration for your child and your family. Services are available through telehealth (Zoom conference call).*




Our assessment is a 3-step process that includes treatment, follow up, and reassessment to completion. We pride ourselves in truly understanding your child’s needs: addressing them as deeply and as thoroughly as possible – while embracing strengths fully and accepting challenges.  

Our unique, strength-based and in-depth knowledge of differently wired children makes us the one-stop-shop—you’ve found the right place. 

Help for oppositional defiance
Are you dealing with oppositional defiant issues, or a strong-willed child?

The Currivan Protocol™ Assessment Tool for Schools

The Currivan Protocol™ Assessment tool has been designed to work within your school. Ask Teresa about how your school can benefit from using her unique assessment tool. Trainings are offered year-round.

The Currivan Protocol™ Assessment It is a comprehensive assessment and treatment plan that identifies what can be treated, accepts challenges, and embraces strengths. It identifies specific learning preferences (such as a visual-spatial learning style, often seen in children of non-dominant cultures,) ADHD, and specific variants of giftedness to name a few.

Teresa designs and trains your school administrator on how to implement the protocol. Rates and packages vary on the needs of each school and school system.

Most Services offered in-person and by Zoom conference call:

Parent Coaching
Parent Support Groups
Child Coaching
Educational Fit
Referrals to tried-and-true professionals we have vetted
Interpretation of Tests and follow-up on care by outside professionals
Offering to help find the appropriate mentor/tutor for your child
Matching the appropriate education to your child

Differentiating between challenges and understanding their impact on each other

Addressing what needs to be addressed, embracing strengths, and accepting challenges.

The Right Place Learning Center, Lafayette, CA
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