How to Facilitate Your Visual-Spatial Learner at Home

By Teresa Currivan, LMFT, Parent Coach

If your visual-spatial child is at a more typical school that emphasizes traditional learning methods, please know that there is plenty you can do to facilitate their learning at home. These kids never stop learning, and often do their more important work after school and on the weekends (and, yes, sometimes at midnight.)

This article is part of Teresa’s book, My Differently Tuned-In Child: The Right Place for Strength-Based Solutions. In the article, she explains eight things you can do to facilitate your visual-spatial child at home.

My Differently Tuned-In Child: The Right Place for Strength-Based Solutions

If YOUR CHILD: My Differently Tuned-In Child Differently Wired
~Is smart but doesn’t test well
~Is wise but has problems with “easy” tasks like tying shoes
~Refuses to go to school (or do schoolwork)

~Have changed schools for your child a few times
~Are spent emotionally, physically, financially, in your relationship with your child
~Notice problems in your marriage possibly due to your child’s challenges

BookBackCoverMyDifferentlyTunedInPhotoThe Currivan Protocol™ will give you strength-based solutions to your differently tuned-in child’s exceptionalities such as:
~Social challenges
~School Refusal
~Childhood Depression and anxiety
~Giftedness, High IQ and Talents

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Teresa Currivan is a mother, licensed marriage and family therapist, author, and parent coach at  Help My Child Thrive Coaching LLC and The Right Place Learning Center. Headshotclear Teresa is the author of  My Differently Tuned-In Child: The Right Place for Strength-Based Solutions. She offers assessments, coaching, and support for parents of children who are tuned-in differently and who have co-occurring symptoms such as dyslexia, ADHD, autism, high sensitivities, school and social issues, visual-spatial learning styles, sensory processing issues, anxieties, depression, giftedness, and twice-exceptionality. She has connections to San Francisco, Bay Area schools and speaks to teacher and parent groups there about differently tuned-in learners. She is published on sites such as, Filter Free Parents, GHF Forum, and Hoagies Gifted Education. You can follow her on Facebook at