Rates and Packages

Teresa Currivan, Parent Coaching for Gifted and 2e children
Rates and Packages 

1 Hour Session: $150
I offer a sliding scale. 

Initial consultation Package $250 (optional)
I created the initial consultation package for those who are about to make a big change, such as taking your child out of school or switching to a new school and you want to be able to reach me throughout the process. This allows me to fully support you through the beginning of the process.

Includes 1½ hour initial consultation
Unlimited texts, email, messaging for the week following the consultation.
20-minute phone check-in at the end of the week.

1:1 Topical Session:  $150 per session
You will get a one-on-one session designed to help on specific topics that tend to come up for our gifted kids. Educational with time for Q&A. 

  ~ Addressing Strong-Willed Behavior
  ~ Understanding and Addressing Anxieties
  ~ Social Issues

Home Visit: (San Francisco Bay Area) $150 per hour. 1/2 hourly rate for travel time from Walnut Creek, CA.  

Office Visit: Walnut Creek, CA. $150 per hour. 

1 Hour Tapping (EFT – Emotional Freedom Technique) Session $150
or 3 sessions for $350 

** Teresa also coaches gifted adults. **

To sign-up for any of these, email or call TeresaCurrivan@gmail.com or (925)478-7966. Ask her about her free 20-minute phone consultations. 

Payments can be made by VenMo, PayPal, Square, or Zelle.



“I truly believe Teresa will be an invaluable resource in your efforts to help your child if you choose to contact her. She can explain all the pitfalls of working with the school district and strategies for making home/school life much smoother and in turn everyone else. I really can’t overstate the importance of getting kind, compassionate, experienced, and professional insights that accurately pertain to your child’s developmental needs. Teresa is a professional psychotherapist, a mother of a 2e child, and one of the leading advocates for 2e kids and their needs. When you have a child with asymmetrical development, they will greatly benefit from the existing body of knowledge that pertains to kids like them.”  – Father of 11-year-old boy

“Teresa Currivan is an amazing MFT here in SF Bay area who specializes in the emotional component when working with children and parents who have sensory processing disorders.”  – Vickie Bockenkamp, Learning Specialist