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For Gifted, Twice-Exceptional, and Differently Wired Children and Families


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1 Hour Coaching Session

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Currivan Protocol™

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Click here for the full description of The Currivan Protocol™ Assessment.

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To obtain the rate for the Currivan Protocol™ Assessment Tool to be administered through your public or private school, contact Teresa here: Contact. She looks forward to hearing from you.

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“I truly believe Teresa will be an invaluable resource in your efforts to help your child if you choose to contact her. She can explain all the pitfalls of working with the school district and strategies for making home/school life much smoother and in turn everyone else. I really can’t overstate the importance of getting kind, compassionate, experienced, and professional insights that accurately pertain to your child’s developmental needs.”   – Father of 11-year-old

“Teresa Currivan is an amazing MFT here in the SF Bay area who specializes in working with children and parents who have sensory processing disorders.” 

– Learning Specialist

Teresa Currivan
Teresa Currivan